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    Visiting a Northeast Michigan Golf Course


    When you think of the best golf courses in the nation, Michigan may not be the first state that comes to mind. Most of the state tends to get extremely cold in the winter, and few think about the summer months this far north as bringing a gentle outdoor climate. However, you can find a great northeast Michigan golf course to frequent during the spring and summer months that will keep you entertained throughout the warm season.

    While the weather in Michigan is known for being extreme in the winter, with lows that reach nationwide records and challenge livability in the state, the summers can be completely different. In some areas of northeast Michigan, golf course living can be beautiful in the summer. In June, July, and August, there are times when it can be sweltering in the city, and getting away to a northeast Michigan golf course can relieve the heat. A summer in this area can be warm and breezy, making it a comfort from the heat of the city and the extreme cold of the winter. For this reason, several individuals from Michigan enjoy gold as a hobby during the late spring and summer.

    Something that also doesn’t cross people’s minds often is that the countryside in Michigan can be beautiful. The greenery is alive, and trees are in bloom around the Great Lakes, and this makes for a beautiful backdrop to a northeast Michigan golf course. It can be a wonderful place for individuals from the south to escape the burning, dry heat of the summer for a relaxing vacation in the sun with temperatures that are still comfortable in the outdoors.

    Spending time at a northeast Michigan golf course can be rewarding for both experienced players and novices, since there are courses of varying difficulty in the area. Some are more challenging than others, and all are inviting to anyone looking for a good time out on the fairways. Many of the courses also offer schools, employ private instructors for your assistance, and include driving ranges where you can simply hone your swinging skills. Many have clubs with restaurants, hotels, and more for the comfort of guests.

    In fact, you can either take a day trip or make an entire vacation out of a visit to a northeast Michigan golf course. Whatever your choice, you’ll find a beautiful summer location, a great place for relaxation, and a facility that can cater to your needs on a vacation when you opt to spend some of your summer at a northeast Michigan golf course.