Greg Norman says he’s ‘all well’ following chainsaw accident [photos]

Golf legend Greg Norman appears to be recovering quickly after a chainsaw accident damaged his left hand.

Here’s his post from yesterday following the incident.

Working with a chainsaw ALWAYS be respectful of the unexpected. I was one lucky man today. Damaged,…

— Greg Norman (@SharkGregNorman) September 14, 2014

@SharkGregNorman Wish you a speedy recovery!

— Jose Boissier (@jjbosy) September 14, 2014

@SharkGregNorman get well soon Greg..

— Jenni Pirrett wo-snp (@jenni_pirrett) September 14, 2014

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The 21 Most Awesome Hotel Views On Earth

Check in and try not to spend the entire holiday staring out the window.

1. Shogun House, Mustique Island.


This is a Japanese-themed villa on the island of Mustique, and it’s incredible. Along with the view you get two house managers, a butler, dedicated housekeeping and grounds staff, an award-winning, European-trained chef, all set in five acres of mature tropical gardens. Oh, and a one-green, nine-tee private golf course—the only golf course on Mustique. And it’ll only cost you, um, $35,000 per week in high season.

2. Hotel Cala Di Volpe, Sardinia.


The Cala di Volpe was designed in the style of a traditional fishing village. It’s terracotta outside, with a gorgeous white stucco interior. It boasts a bar pool for a cooling drink; two others with panoramic view of Cala di Volpe bay; a barbeqeue and delicious grills of fresh Sardinian seafood.

3. Singita Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania.


This hotel’s made up of two lodges and a tent camp, and it offers unparalleled luxury. It’s located on the migratory route traversed annually by more than a million wildebeest, so that’s quite the view.

4. Corinthia Hotel, London, U.K.


Right by the river Thames, this grand Victorian building, dating from 1885, has been given new life with fine rooms, stylish suites and imaginative penthouses offering state-of-the-art 21st Century luxury.

5. Amankora Paro, Bhutan.


Situated in Balakha Village, the resort’s living room has floor-to-ceiling glass windows which reveal a forest of blue pines, and the 17th-century Drukyel Dzong and Mount Jhomolhari which soar to over 7,300 metres.

6. Jade Mountain, St Lucia.


This hotel sits above a 600 acre beach: bedrooms, living areas and infinity pools all merge into one. You’ll essentially be staying in an open stage that looks out across the ocean.

7. Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, Maldives.


The views from luxury Maldivan hotels are all pretty great (think heavenly blue as far as the eye can see), but Coco Palm’s stilted lodges are among the very best.

8. Demeure Loridana, Corsica.


A four star hotel in Corsica with quite possibly the best infinity pool you could hope to see.

9. The Lugger Hotel, Cornwall, U.K.


Portloe is a beautiful Cornish village surrounded by cliffs and headlands which form part of the Cornish Coastal Footpath. The Lugger Hotel – recently named “Best Seaside Hotel” by the Sunday Times – sits right on the water’s edge in the centre of the village.

10. The Pierre, New York City, U.S.


Sensational views of Central Park: it’s no wonder this place has been a favourite of many a celebrity over the years.

11. Ritz–Carlton, Singapore.


Located in the heart of Marina Bay and a 20-minute drive from the airport, this place offers unobstructed views of the Singapore skyline, and the largest guest rooms and accommodations of any hotel in Singapore, averaging 550 to 650 square feet.

12. Hotel Al Ponte Antico, Venice, Italy.


A small 4-star residence facing the Grand Canal, with a splendid view of the Rialto Bridge. And that is all you need to know.

13. Hotel Arts, Barcelona, Spain.


A stunning seafront hotel by the Mediterranean offering terraced gardens, an outdoor swimming pool and five different restaurants, basking in the shade of Frank Gehry’s monumental golden fish sculpture.

14. Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco, U.S.


Gaze out at breathtaking views spanning from the Golden Gate to Oakland Bay Bridge from the lavish luxury of the magnificent one-bedroom Oriental suite.

15. The Surin, Phuket, Thailand.


The Surin Phuket is located on the tranquil Pansea Beach on the west coast of Phuket Island, Thailand. It offers 103 cottages and suites all discreetly built into a carefully conserved landscape, amidst coconut trees and gently sloping down to meet a small coral reef.

16. Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra, India.


Wake up, open curtains, gawp at Taj Mahal. Then enjoy a luxury spa.

17. Hotel Salto Chico, Patagonia.


This stunning lodge is located right at the heart of the extraordinary Torres del Paine National Park in central Patagonia. Located 100 meters from the lodge and reached by a sloping wooden walkway, the bath house has a heated indoor swimming pool, a sauna and four open-air jacuzzis, all with views of Lago Pehoé and Macizo del Paine.

18. Mykonos Blu, Mykonos, Greece.


The resort overlooks the golden sand of the world-famous beach at Psarou. It’s secluded, but you can also head into town when you need to party.

19. Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney.


If you stay in the top suite you can gaze on the city’s iconic opera house and harbour. Naturally there’s a heated outdoor pool and a holistic spa.

20. Waldorf Astoria, Rome, Italy.


Perched on 15 acres of private Mediterranean parkland overlooking the Eternal City, this hotel has a 3-starred Michelin restaurant, a private art collection and a grand spa.

21. Samling Hotel, Cumbria, U.K.


The Samling is set within its own 67 acres of land, has a Michelin-starred restaurant and looks out over Lake Windermere. It’s as good as the Lake District gets.

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Golf Cart Jump Turns Into World’s Biggest Wedgie


There are wedgies, and then there are wedgies. And then…there is this.

To provide some basic play-by-play, a shirtless dude tries to hurdle a golf cart in front of his friends. He clears the cart, but his shorts get caught on the cart’s roof. That delivers the dreaded hanging wedgie, with a side dish of downward force that tilts the cart over several degrees.

The video was posted to YouTube in mid-July, and has so far gained nearly a quarter million views. But it caught on with some blogs on Wednesday, signaling that its true viral life may just be beginning.

Mashable‘s unscientific analysis deems this the world’s biggest wedgie. What do you think? Regale us with your nominations in the comments below.

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Gruesome image: Boxer brutally assaulted by girlfriend’s ex

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Boxer Nick Casal was a victim of a brutal assault over the weekend. According to reports, his girlfriend’s ex became overly jealous of the couple and attacked Casal along with a gang wielding golf clubs.

Jr welterweight Nick Casal (22-4-1, 17 KOs) was brutally attacked last night in Buffalo, New York. Casal was out with his girlfriend when from he was brutally attacked from behind by a gang wielding golf clubs. The attackers were identified as her ex-boyfriend and his friends. Medical reports are that Casal has a possible broken arm, multiple lacerations, including one at least 12 inches long.

Just read some shit about Nick Casal, that shit is unreal unfortunate n tragic…I don't know all that well but u wish him a speedy recovery

— Terry Cascoe (@Tcas71) May 13, 2012

Our prayers are with Nick Casal, his team, dad and coaches today. He WILL be back; even stronger to fight again.

— Niagara Gutter (@NiagaraGutter) May 13, 2012

I feel bad for Nick Casal. #Getwellsoon

— Dan (@Dannny__smithhh) May 13, 2012!/baileymaryy/status/201544916223016961

My thoughts and prayers go out to nick casal and his family #fight

— jarrett conte (@REaLJarreTT) May 13, 2012

I hope whoever gets arrested for the attack on Nick Casal is charged with attempted murder. Photos show they tried to kill him, IMO

— Patrick Moran (@PatrickMoranBSD) May 14, 2012

What happen too Nick Casal is awful, those guys should be charged for attempted murder, sucha shame #boxing

— Emilio Pyette (@snakeboyicon) May 13, 2012

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Golf Ball Lands In Spectator’s Pocket

Golf Ball Lands In Spectator’s Pocket

Imagine you’re a spectator at the PGA Tour and the unthinkable happens. A golf star like Rory McIlroy tees off and his ball doesn’t land near you, but in your pocket! That’s exactly what happened to one shocked fan during this year’s second round. This clip has instantly gone viral over the weekend with over 2 million hits already!


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Ordinary folks give president a primer on things ordinary folks do!/BrkfstAtTiffs24/status/284795237296123904

A visibly frustrated President Obama addressed the press briefly tonight after meeting with the leaders of the House and Senate in fiscal cliff talks. Obama called it “mind boggling” that legislators hadn’t been able to conclude a deal to avert the fiscal cliff, noting that “ordinary folks, they do their job. They meet deadlines.”

All those private sector jobs he's had taught him that. RT @jamiedupree Obama: "Ordinary folks do their jobs; they meet deadlines"

— Brandon Kiser (@Kiser) December 28, 2012

President #Obama keeps referring to "this town" and "ordinary folks." May soon write a Springsteen song. #fiscalcliff

— Trent Mitchell (@TrentKMitchell) December 28, 2012

Plenty of ordinary folks were watching and decided to take advantage of the spotlight the president cast on them to share some other things ordinary folks do and don’t do.

Obama: "Ordinary folks do their jobs." – And that is what makes you so special.

— Stephen Perkins (@Stephen_Perkins) December 28, 2012

@jamiedupree ordinary folks balance budgets. don't invoke ordinary when you as pres have no idea what you are talking about

— Steve Siegel (@halfamp) December 28, 2012

Ordinary folks balance their own budgets @policygal

— William Trivelpiece (@trouttp) December 28, 2012

Yes, ordinary folks meet deadlines, Mr. Prez. Ordinary folks also don't print money or steal from their kids.

— Lizbuddie (@lizbuddie) December 28, 2012

4 years.. no budget. RT @jamiedupree: Obama raps the Congress: "Ordinary folks do their jobs; they meet deadlines"

— Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) December 28, 2012

Obama: ordinary folks meet deadlines. Me: Reid hasn't passed a budget in the Senate for three years.

— Tom Bevan (@TomBevanRCP) December 28, 2012

Obama says ordinary folks meet deadlines! I guess our government is not ordinary they have no balanced budget 4 years! Deadlines??

— Linda Lukens (@lindalukens) December 28, 2012

"Ordinary folks" also have budgets and pay their bills, mostly on time. The federal government doesn't. #fiscalcliff #FAIL

— David Linnehan (@dglinnehan) December 28, 2012

@jamiedupree and ordinary folks can't print their own money

— William Trivelpiece (@trouttp) December 28, 2012

he said after jetting back from Hawaii RT @jamiedupree: Obama raps the Congress: "Ordinary folks do their jobs; they meet deadlines"

— DanRiehl (@DanRiehl) December 28, 2012

@JamilSmith Ordinary folks don't take taxpayer funded vacations during national fiscal crisis like Obama did.

— Greg (@RhymesWithRight) December 28, 2012

#Obama said, "Ordinary folks, they do their jobs. They meet deadlines." The only deadline he cares about is his golf tee-time #tcot

— GWardHome (@gwardhome) December 28, 2012

#ordinaryfolks try to spend less than they make

— doug phillips (@dougsdroid) December 28, 2012

@NerdyWonka And ordinary folks dont get paid and/or lose their jobs if they dont do their work…

— ~StarBaby~ (@stardazedfla) December 28, 2012

Ordinary folks work so others can sit on their asses…“Obama raps the Congress: "Ordinary folks do their jobs; they meet deadlines"”

— Jeremy Edmonds (@jeremyedmonds) December 29, 2012

You people!

"Ordinary folks" why do politicians say this. It is endlessly irritating.

— sleepy cell (@onekade) December 28, 2012

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Some fans take issue with Joey McIntyre’s pro-Obama tweet!/joeysbostonbabe/status/507356134777171968

Hope and change?

Maybe he should cut back on the golf then.!/househunteraj/status/507356684566532096


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Inadvertent truth! Obama: I don’t care and I only try to look like I do

If you needed more proof that Obama really does not care, he just admitted it himself Sunday morning on “Meet the Press.”

Heh. Poor vacationing Obama never catches a break!

That’s shameful enough, but there was even more. The president blamed not being mindful enough of “optics” for the reason why he scurried off to hit the links (with fist bumps) after his presser on the barbaric James Foley beheading.

The beheading itself? Whatever! He is still only thinking of “theater.” And, you know, himself.

Don’t look now, Obama, but we all see what you actually admitted.


Will this be the next backpedal attempt (and fail) by Obama?

It’s not funny, because it will probably be true. Again.

And an exit nutshell:



Beleaguered Obama wants a vacation from the press!

Shocked Obama thinks more about ‘optics’ than Foley beheading? MTV star explains why with brutal truth

‘HE DIDN’T KNOW?!’ Obama’s reason why he shouldn’t have golfed after Foley beheading will enrage you

Chuck Todd debuts as host of ‘Meet the Press’

‘I’ll be counting the softballs’: President Obama to be Chuck Todd’s first ‘Meet the Press’ guest

Fist bump? Just when you thought Obama’s golf after Foley presser couldn’t get more sickening … [photo]

Sad, enraging summation: How ‘appalled’ by Foley beheading was Obama? THIS appalled

‘Yow!’ You’re about to see why this ‘blistering’ Daily News Obama cover may be the best ever [photo]

‘When you’ve lost Ezra’: Journos find Obama golfing after James Foley presser ‘in bad taste’

Bet you can’t guess where Obama went right after his James Foley presser!

That time when Obama gave a statement on ISIS and all we got was a stern face and tees


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How Your City Is Trying To Sell Itself To The RNC

1. The RNC is having its winter meeting in D.C. this week. One of the only interesting things happening at it is the beginning of the selection process for the 2016 convention host city.


2. Right now the lead cities vying for the convention are Denver, Vegas, Kansas City, Phoenix, New Orleans, and Columbus.


3. Of course, all those options are better than the militarized, hurricane-prone logistical clusterfuck that was Tampa in 2012.

Getty Images

So the race is on.

4. How this works: Each city sets up a SWAG table and throws gifts and parties for RNC delegates who will be voting on the convention location.

5. Are you from Phoenix? Here is your SWAG table.

6. Phoenix is giving out peanuts, tea, and golf towels!

7. Along with hot sauce.

Get it? Ass Kicking?

8. On Thursday night, Phoenix threw a fancy party called “Rise of the Republicans.”

9. It brought in these girls to entertain the guests!

10. And entertain they did!


11. And that party was stacked with booze and snacks!


12. When asked to define his city’s bid for the RNC, a Phoenix representative said: “Leadership of the city really wants this to happen.”

13. Are you from Denver? Here is your SWAG table!

14. Denver’s giving out beer. Coors of course.

15. And this fancy Colorado Native Beer.

That is made with all Colorado ingredients.

16. Every delegate gets this Broncos SWAG bag!

And just look at that super American shirt!

17. Which includes this margarita in a tube!

18. When asked to define his city’s bid for the RNC, Denver’s representative said: “The answer is two words: Peyton. Manning.”

19. Are you from Kansas City? Well get ready to amaze!

20. Your table has popcorn and bags of coffee and chocolates.

The bags come with light-up hearts on them!

21. When asked to define the city’s bid for the RNC, the Kansas City representative said: “We are the heart of America.”

22. Are you from Vegas? Your town certainly wants some RNC.


23. Your bid starts with buying Wi-Fi for everyone at the convention.

One is reminded of this immediately upon entry.

24. Vegas has set up entire lounges, roped off for next-level delegate schmoozing.

25. And schmooze they do! Check out these snacks in the lounge!


27. Vegas has hats and binders with “Vegas 2016” embossed on them. It also has DELEGATE CREDENTIALS ALREADY PRINTED OFF.


28. But snacks and SWAG are not enough for Vegas. It has an OPEN BAR.

Reminder: This is 2 in the afternoon.

29. Free. Booze. ALL. DAY.


30. Oh, and Vegas has TWO of these boozy paradises set up at the RNC meeting.

So you are never more than 50 feet away from a Snickers and a beer.

31. Snacks, an open bar, and a sparkle pillow. What else do you need?


32. When asked to define the city’s bid for the RNC, a Vegas representative said: “Las Vegas is ready, this is what we do.”

33. Are you from Columbus, Ohio?! Here is your table.

34. You brought ice cream!

But really nothing else.

35. And since I could not find a Columbus representative all day, I made up a slogan for you.

36. Good luck to all you cities in your bid!

One of you will be getting this in three years!

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Luckiest Hole-in-One Ever (Video)

Luckiest Hole-In-One Ever (Video)

Australian golfer Richard Green hits an incredibly lucky hole-in-one shot on a par-4, during Oates Vic Open at Thirteenth Beach Golf Links in Barwon Heads.

H/T: Bleacher Report

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