5 Ways To Get Your GF To Watch The NBA Playoffs If She’s Not Into Sports

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“Thou shalt not covet.”

The 10thcommandment is a serious one, as it teaches us not to covet or have envy. There is, however, a rare exception for one permissible case of envy.

It pertains to girlfriends who watch sports with their boyfriends. Man is indeed allowed to envy other men who are in relationships like these.

When late April rolls around, NBA fans get excited. They start getting ready for eight weeks of nonstop competition: drama, intrigue and a plethora of storylines in a physical and mental battle among players, teams, all-stars and franchises. Basically, they spend a lot of time in front of the TV.

The question that arises for many men is an ongoing one: How can we convince our girlfriends to watch the NBA games with us?

Because if we don’t, we’ll get in trouble for watching TV with our buddies, as it will eat into relationship time. We all know what happens when we eat into relationship time.

Now, I suppose this article would hold more weight if the following were true:

  • I did indeed convince a girlfriend to enjoy watching basketball.
  • I had a girlfriend.

Despite possessing neither of these qualifications, I believe my deep knowledge of the NBA, keen social awareness of Millennial culture and a passing understanding of women make me uniquely qualified to offer what I believe is the best shot a man can take, in what will hopefully be a valiant effort to convince his girlfriend to watch the NBA playoffs with him.

1. The Celebrities

Hey babe, see that guy? Number 18? That’s Rasual Butler. Did you know that he dated Khloe Kardashian’s assistant? Yep. But then, Rob Kardashian swooped in and slept with her.

This is a true story. Assuming your girlfriend likes to read US Weekly (which she does),she will enjoy the above anecdote. The amazing fact here is Butler is a forgotten role-player in the NBA. He was most recently (and sadly) cut by the San Antonio Spurs.

Most casual NBA fans don’t really know who Rasual Butler is. But I can assure you that many, many “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” fans both male and female (but mostly female) know who Butler is.

Now, imagine possessing a whole cache of knowledge that’s similar to this story about Butler, but with bigger players in them, such as Steph Curry or Kevin Durant.

It’s no surprise that NBA players are dating a slew of celebrities. Therefore, this is very valuable intel. It’s a way for many males to get their girlfriends curious about particular players, by way of their off-court proclivities.

2. The Competitive Spirit

Good-natured and friendly competition is healthy for any relationship. In order to stoke the competitive coals here, I would probably explain the background of both teams.

In doing so, however, I would include both on and off court facts in order to give my girlfriend the full picture. Then, you should let your girlfriend choose a team to root for or against.

If she chooses the team you hate, you’ve just converted her into a full-time fan of that team (most likely the despicable Miami Heat, or the delusional Toronto Raptors). If she chooses the team you like, that’s just something else you both have in common.

3. Logic

Basketball purists know basketball is the most superior sport, especially when compared to its peers. Though that might sound like circular logic, allow me to explain:

  • Football isn’t relatable. It features herculean players wearing helmets. They’re dressed like gladiators, and they’re all jumping on each other in every play.
  • Baseball is too impersonal. There is hardly any contact among the players, and the game is more drawn out than a Hillary Clinton cough.
  • Hockey is electric. But perhaps too much so. The frantic nature of it, as well as the soccer-like slowness in goal-scoring from Robocop-dressed players, makes it a bizarrely unsatisfying sport to watch.

Basketball, on the other hand, is relatable. The players are physically close to one another, but they are also viewable.

They wear shorts. You can see their bodies. When a player hits the deck, you can see his entire facial expression.

Every girlfriend in the history of girlfriends wants to feel and hear more emotion from her man. By watching basketball together, a couplecan experience what is probably the most emotionally naked sport out there.

Which girlfriend could argue with that logic?

4. Barter if you have to.

If the above three strategies have failed you, why not make a trade? Offer to watch anything your girlfriend likes.

Honestly, much of the women-centric shows these days seem to be decent. I may have even watched an episode (or 40) of “Desperate Housewives.” That “Downton Abbey” show that every woman from Maine to Floridaloves to gab about doesn’t sound so bad, either.

Don’t worry aboutwinning or losing a deal. That won’t happen. Make it an equal trade in terms of time commitment.

This way, everyone is satisfied. Want your girl to watch a two-and-a-half-hour basketball game? No problem. You just signed up for an episode of “The Good Wife,” “Fashion Police” and “The View.” Gulp.

5. The Honest Truth

Ultimately, the notion of sports seems to have a bad rep among females. This is mainly due to stereotyping. Sports is synonymous with machismo grunts and physical acts.

But avid fans know that sports goes beyond that. This is even more true for basketball.

Basketball can be inspiring. Watching athletes rise up and execute incredible physical and mental feats is exhilarating. This is exemplified during the playoffs:The stage is bigger, and there are more people tuning in.

Legacies are at stake. Watching an aging Kevin Garnett getting knocked to the ground on a foul, rolling over onto his stomach and doingeight knuckle pushups is both riveting and top-notch entertainment. Witnessing Rajon Rondo dislocate his left arm, only to return later in the game to secure his team’s victory, is unbelievable to watch. I’m not a Celtics fan, but I’ll give credit where credit is due.

There are endless clips available online that will inspire both girlfriends and boyfriends alike. But at the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter if you’ve convinced your girlfriend to watch playoff basketball with you. Because you’ll be watching either way.

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People On Twitter Could Not Get Over Katie Ledecky’s Insane 800-Meter Win

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If you haven’t heard, Katie Ledecky is kinda ridiculous.

On Friday night, the 19-year-old won the gold medal in the 800-meter freestyle by 11 seconds. Basically, she blew everyone out of the water, and then blew Olympics-watching Twitter’s mind in the process.

She was so good that the only person who was a serious threat to her was herself — her 15-year-old self, that is.

Ledecky was practically racing against a yellow line on Friday night, which represents the Olympic record she set at the 2012 Olympics.

Needless to say, she crushed it, and peoplecouldn’t wrap their heads around how.

Ultimately, everyone was singing from the same hymn sheet: Ledecky really is amazing.

While Michael Phelps is reportedly leaving the game for good, Ledecky is seamlessly replacing him as the greatestname in her sport, man or woman.

And she’s only 19! By the time she’s his age, 31, she could still be dominating the swimming events at the 2028 Olympics.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Ledecky said of her incredible, record-breaking win,

I just wanted to push myself and see what I could do. The Olympics are the pinnacle of our sport and I have to wait four more years to have that moment again, so I wanted the last one to be special.

For someone so young, there should definitely be more of those special moments to come.

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There’s Nothing Funnier Than One-Star Yelp Reviews Of NFL Stadiums (Photos)

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Want a realistic review of every stadium in the NFL?

Well, look no further than one-star Yelp reviews.

The truth is, most stadiums are badass and state-of-the-art (besides a couple, like the Chargers’ and Raiders’ stadiums), but people will find any reason to complain.

Some of the reasons, however, might not be what you’d expect.

Who knew football fans were so well-versed in architectural design and ambiance?

If you want a real opinion for once, check out the honest reviews below, courtesy of Imgur.

Arizona Cardinals — University of Phoenix Stadium


Atlanta Falcons — Georgia Dome


Baltimore Ravens — M&T Bank Stadium


Buffalo Bills — Ralph Wilson Stadium


Carolina Panthers — Bank of America Stadium


Chicago Bears — Soldier Field


Cincinnati Bengals — Paul Brown Stadium


Cleveland Browns — FirstEnergy Stadium


Dallas Cowboys — AT&T Stadium


Denver Broncos — Sports Authority Field at Mile High


Detroit Lions — Ford Field


Green Bay Packers — Lambeau Field


Houston Texans — NRG Stadium


Indianapolis Colts — Lucas Oil Stadium


Jacksonville Jaguars — EverBank Field


Kansas City Chiefs — Arrowhead Stadium


Miami Dolphins — Sun Life Stadium


Minnesota Vikings — TCF Bank Stadium


New England Patriots — Gillette Stadium


New Orleans Saints — Mercedes-Benz Superdome


New York Giants & Jets — MetLife Stadium


Oakland Raiders — Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum


Philadelphia Eagles — Lincoln Financial Field


Pittsburgh Steelers — Heinz Field


Saint Louis Rams — Edward Jones Dome


San Diego Chargers — Qualcomm Stadium


San Francisco 49ers — Levi’s Stadium


Seattle Seahawks — CenturyLink Field


Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Raymond James Stadium


Tennessee Titans — LP Field


Washington Redskins — FedEx Field


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UConn’s Shabazz Napier Is the 2014 National Champion of Cool Swag

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The University of Connecticut’s Shabbaz Napier (R) and DeAndre Daniels ride in a victory parade to celebrate their team’s national championship April 13, 2014 in Hartford, Connecticut.
Image: Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Leading your team to the March Madness title then landing your face on the cover is Sports Illustrated is an undeniably cool thing to do.

But wearing a hoodie featuring said cover to your own championship parade? That’s even cooler. And it’s exactly what Shabazz Napier did Sunday.

Connecticut held a celebratory parade for its men’s and women’s basketball teams (both of which won national titles last week) on Sunday. Napier was the hero of the men’s squad’s underdog title run, leading the Huskies with his determination, grit and scoring ability. You can check out his next-level hoodie in the image atop this post, or right here:


Here’s a closer look at that cover, which graces SI‘s most recent issue:


Napier’s fellow star guard Ryan Boatright brought a WWE-style championship belt to the festivities, which was also pretty darn cool:

But we’re still giving Napier the win here. Swag on, young man. Swag on.

‘Hateful f*ck’! Tolerance mob lashes out at Tony Dungy over thoughts on Michael Sam

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Forward, the Tolerance Brigade! We will not tolerate your intolerance!

That’s the message former NFL coach Tony Dungy is receiving after daring to say that he wouldn’t’ve leapt at the chance to get openly gay NFL draftee Michael Sam on his team.

From CBS Sports’ Will Brinson:

Had Super Bowl-winning coach, NBC analyst and noted conservative Tony Dungy been running the Rams, he “wouldn’t have taken” Sam. Why? “Things will happen” apparently.

“I wouldn’t have taken him,” Dungy told the Tampa Bay Tribune. “Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it.

“It’s not going to be totally smooth … things will happen.”

What Dungy said seems straightforward enough, but the tolerance mob will always find a way to get it twisted. They’re ready to see Dungy shipped off for “educational training”.


No, sir. Shame on you.

Fortunately, not everyone has completely lost it:




In that case, sucks for the NFL.



‘Should be ashamed’: Indiana paper apologizes for ‘incorrect’ tweet after Michael Sam announcement

Michael Sam drafted by St. Louis Rams, dominates Twitter trends 

‘Burn!’ Why did Obama congratulate Michael Sam? Because he really is news in Obama’s America

‘Twisted!’ FSU linebacker, others notice head-shaking Michael Sam, Tim Tebow comparison [pic]

‘What a circus’: Miami Dolphins send player to ‘educational training’ following comments about Michael Sam

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Behind-the-Back Home Run (Video)

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Behind-the-Back Home Run (Video)

Renaud Lefort of Montreals Les 4 Chevaliers hits a crazy home run by spinning around the batters box backwards.

H/T: Big League Stew

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Fox News Decided To Make Jokes About Ray Rice’s Domestic Abuse Video

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Once more, Fox News has fundamentally misunderstood a breaking news situation.

After a video surfaced of NFL player Ray Rice punching his wife in an elevator, the “Fox & Friends” panel decided to discuss the issue at hand, but unfortunately not in a way that appropriately condemns domestic abuse.

They seemingly excuse Rice instead of holding him culpable.

In a positive tone, host Steve Doocy said,

We should also point out, after that video and — now you know what happened in there — [Janay Palmer] still married him! They are married right now.

The other hosts chime in, noting that Rihanna went back to abusive boyfriend Chris Brown.

They also say that Beyoncé stayed with husband Jay Z after a video surfaced of him fighting with her sister, Solange.

Brian Kilmeade notes that Jay Z declined to act violently after the incident, which he seems to think was in awareness of the presence of cameras in the elevator.

But you notice Jay V [sic] didn’t hit back. I think the message is, take the stairs.

As the three hosts giggle, Doocy jokes,

The message is, when you’re in that elevator there’s a camera.

Or, potentially the message is that domestic violence is unwaveringly wrong; it’s not just wrong when the public eye is on you or when you get caught.

Instead of being allowed to crack jokes about suffering and abused partners, “Fox & Friends” should be held accountable for their inappropriate lack of on-air ethics.

The Baltimore Ravens announced today that Rice’s contract has been terminated. He has also been banned from the NFL.

H/T: Huffington Post

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Anna Kendrick, Zac Efron And Adam Devine Recreate Every Sports Movie Ever In Seven Minutes

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Anna Kendrick, Zac Efron, and Adam Devine, had the honor of appearing onThe Late Late Show with James Corden’s Super Bowl episode. It’s basically the equivalent of an Oscar. Except not really.

The group of actors decided to pay tribute to sport in general, and not by actually doing it – by acting it. Obvs. Stick to what you know, kids.

Starting out withThe Bad News Bears and touching on movies likeBend It Like Beckham and Rudy, the groupmanaged to squeeze a quickreenactment of every sports movie you can probably think of.

Check it out:

What film do you think they should have included? Personally, we think Harry Potter. Quidditch is totally a sport, okay.

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The Basic B*tch Counterpart: 5 Qualities That Make A Bro Basic

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We Heart It

As the temperature drops and the cold winter months roll in, 20-somethings everywhere prepare themselves for what is arguably the greatest season for all things basic.

As ladies with perfectly highlighted hair and painted nails gear up for snow selfies and “cuddle season” tweets, they search for the perfect boy to meet their holiday relationship goals.

They want someone to kiss under the mistletoe, with whom to look at Christmas lights, to co-star in their filtered snowball fights and snow angel pictures.

They hit up Starbucks nearly every day to sip on overpriced holiday specialty coffee, which will later appear on everyone’s Facebook timelines.

While we can all have a nice laugh at the expense of yet another basic bitch, especially at the turn of the season, what about her male counterpart? I have yet to see a basic bro as the butt of a joke, but trust me, they’re around.

Here is a description of the man candy who holds a Starbucks-drinking, Instagram-crazy basic on his arm — the basic bro:

The basic bro likes to lift.

He’s the counterpart to the ladies who spend half an hour on the elliptical while reading a magazine, then reward themselves with green tea smoothie that inevitably ends up on Instagram, Snapchat and possibly Twitter. The basic bro spends all his time in the gym, too.

He trades the elliptical for a set of weights, the magazine for Drake’s latest album in his headphones and the green tea smoothie for a large protein shake.

When he isn’t admiring his muscles in the mirror, he’s checking out the girl two machines over. He’s contemplating how he’ll land a date with her by giving advice on lifting form and showing off his inflated muscles (and head) from bicep day.

The basic bro takes mirror selfies.

Okay… I know you think you haven’t seen a mirror selfie since, like, seventh grade.

But, I challenge you: Scroll down your timeline or news feed. I guarantee you’ll find at least one basic bro flexing his toned biceps and triceps in his gym bathroom mirror.

Sometimes, you can catch them showing off after a run or hike, posed in nature with an inspirational quote about hard work captioned beneath. You now reserve the right to roll your eyes and keep scrolling.

The basic bro owns a sports car.

You know what I’m talking about. Those 2000-something Mustangs, the Cobras, the fast-moving, overpriced cars basic bros sell to one another every six months when they accumulate enough money from their side jobs selling weed.

When you were 16, it was fun to ride shotgun in a fast car with a “sick” sound system and the windows rolled down. Now, watching the basic bros wash and paint, then rewash and repaint, the cars they love more than the matching bro tanks in their closets is downright laughable.

The basic bro is in a “bromance.”

What would a basic bro be without his lifting buddy, his beer pong partner, his wingman?

The bromance on the basic level consists of Chipotle dates, swapping tall tales about the ladies at last night’s party, sharing workout routines and bonding over the occasional (or not-so-occasional) late-night (or not-so-late-night) shotgun.

Brunch isn’t just for the ladies, either. Basic bros take each other out for a greasy brunch almost every Sunday.

The basic bro is the beer pong champion.

The basic bro gets dressed up for the night in his khaki pants and polo shirt, and takes the table with his best bro or the night’s love interest. He takes his drinking games seriously. He knows all the rules, and he sets out to win.

When he sleeps through class or work the next day, he doesn’t mind because he’s still the most accomplished drinker in his friend group. His beer pong tournament belt clutters his wall, along with posters of his sports cars, Sports Illustrated swimsuit spreads and his high school sports poster.

If you find yourself walking into a room that looks like this or your latest love interest picks you up in a sports car after uploading his mirror selfie to Facebook, beware.

Most importantly, next time you make fun of a girl for sipping Starbucks and abbreviating her words, remember females aren’t the only gender at fault for being basic.

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Is Kate Upton’s Zero-G bikini shoot old news? Mark Knoller answers [pics]


Model Kate Upton took one for the team when she “braved the loss of gravity” for a Sports Illustrated bikini shoot. CBS’ Mark Knoller appears … grateful.

But did CNN pick up the story too late?


As a veteran newsman, Knoller weighed in with valuable expertise on the ongoing newsworthiness of Upton’s zero-gravity spread.


We’re sorta damned if we do, damned if we don’t here as far as posting images for context. But as Knoller said, it’s science.


Science for everyone!


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/02/20/when-is-kate-uptons-zero-g-bikini-shoot-old-news-cbs-news-mark-knoller-has-the-answer-pics/

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