Are Golf Balls The Most Expensive Golf Accessories Of All

A golfer is always faced with a constant barrage of things that he can possibly spend his money on. These things range from the necessary things like golf clubs, to completely unnecessary things like trophy cases for hole-in-one balls. It'd seem that a golfer’s money could constantly be thrown away on the many things that are available for purchase. However, one of the most expensive things that a golfer has to spend money on isn't what you'd expect. Golf balls are perhaps the most irritating thing that a golfer buys. He seems to buy them over and over, as they disappear into bushes, lakes. Sand traps. Rates for golf balls can seem fairly ridiculous too, with some selling for over $25 for a pack of 12. If you want to save money on golf balls or even get them for free, read on for a few tips on how you can do just this.

While you're in the middle of a golf game, there are usually many opportunities to find golf balls that have been left behind by golfers before you. It isn’t a good idea to constantly interrupt your game in search of golf balls. If you happen to walk right by a cluster of bushes or a small water hazard, you might as well take a moment to look for golf balls that have been left behind. If you don’t mind getting your arm wet, usually you can find multiple balls just by reaching into a water pool. Bushes and other similar obstructions are also good places to look. Other golfers may find you strange when you're rooting around for golf balls. It's definitely worth it in the end when you don’t need to pay insane amounts for golf balls every week. All you've to do is shove them into a bag you carry with you, then wash them off as soon as you get home for golf balls that are like new.

You can also buy used golf balls from many different sources, including sporting good stores in your local area. These are sold at a huge discount off of the original price. You can usually not even tell that they've been used thanks to the cleaning processes. Usually they're not sold in matching brands or colors. If uniformity is your thing you may be disappointed. Unless you're more than just a casual golfer, used or second-hand balls will probably work just fine. It takes a very trained hand to be able to tell the difference between a new ball and a used ball. Between an expensive ball and a cheap ball. The spin and the hardness of the balls are usually varying. Probably not enough for you to notice. Try two contrasting balls in a row and see if you notice anything. If not then you can be happy that you're able to stick with the cheaper balls.

It may not seem like much of a money saver to get all of your golf balls for free or for a discounted rate. The money you save will sure add up. Whether it’s just a few dollars a week or whether you notice a significantly large saving, it’s still money in your pocket that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. Therefore, you should remember the golf ball savings techniques that have been discussed so far: first of all, you should always take whatever chance you get to search for golf balls that have been left behind by previous golfers in areas that they're likely to have lost them. Secondly, buy used golf balls from sporting good stores in order to save money. If you follow these two guidelines, you're sure to experience the benefits of being free from paying full price for golf balls.

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