Golf Cigar Holder

Golf Cigar Holder

Golf Cigar Holder

Golfing is definitely MY TIME. When Sunday rolls around and my wonderful wife is shopping at the Market- Im out hitting 18 with the boys and the Cigars are MANDATORY.

Golf Cigar Holders Here Are Some Great Cigar Holders

And a good Golf Cigar Holder goes along wayin making sure that Im not constantly worrying about whether or not my Stogie is burning in the grass somewhere.

Maybe at the house I wouldnt worry quite as much about my cigar burning in the grass – but on the golf Course we should definitely worry about all the chemicals and even the fertilizer can be a bit dangerous if we were to smoke a cigar that has been lying there absorbing it.

Some of us just want a cigar holder for golfing that does the job – nothing fancy, just something that will hold the cigar up and off the ground while we hit or putt.

But some of us, like me, like the Stainless Steel job that can clip on to the golf Cart AND stick in the grass as well.

There are even some Golfer Cigar Holders that come with a cigar cutter and a cigar punch as well. But my favorite and the one that I have been using for the last year -(thanks to my wife and kids for Christmas) – is the “HeaterHolder” Stainless Steel Golf Cart Cigar Holder.

Its not only gtreat looking -but itis also self leveling!

Its great and I dont have to worry about it rusting or anything like that. And its not expensive either – which never hurts.

Here are some details.

The HeaterHolder Golf Cigar Holder

Golf Cigar Holder

Product Description

HeaterHolder Stainless Steel Cigar Holders feature:

  • Keeps cigars off the ground, away from harmful fertilizers or pesticides
  • Attaches near the top of the golf bag, close to clubs, where it won’t be forgotten
  • Attaches to a rain hood snap, already found on most golf bags
  • 3″ long with a 4″ safety chain, easily supports a 52 ring cigar
  • Safety chain clips onto your towel-holder loop or any other hanging loop on your bag
  • All metal (rustproof) construction in polished stainless steel
  • Self-leveling for those golfers that use a stand-bag or pull cart
  • Can be left attached to the bag so it’s always ready for use
  • Its really one of the best Golfer Cigar Holders – I have yet to see one that is THAT much better. I mean, there are some that could cost you a pretty penny – but as far as getting the job done and looking good doing it, my moneys on the HeaterHolder.

    There area few other styles that youy may want to look at before you decide -so here is a link to a great little review page for the Golfers Cigar Holder:


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