Some golf techniques

Realizing that you know about the different pieces of golf equipment that you'll need, it’s time to start practicing before you call the nearest golf course for some tee time. Your goal in golf is to strike the ball and get it into the hole with the least number of strokes. But for someone who's never even attempted to touch a golf club and hit a golf ball, it's best to set your goal to simply being able to strike the ball and get it into the hole in the end. Forget about the number of strikes, you can aim for a birdie later.

The first thing that you need to know is how to hold your golf club or the grip. There are different types of grip and the type that you use usually depends on the size of your hands. After being able to hold your club, you'll start setting up. it's important to stand properly to maintain balance when you do the final movement. That's swinging and finally striking the ball. Each of these golf techniques are interrelated.

A good grip is when you feel comfortable. When you're able to take full control of your club and give full power to your golf swing. There are three kinds of grip. The ten-finger grip when your right hand rests next to the side of the index finger of your left hand. The overlap grip when the pinkie of your right hand rests on the groove between your index and middle finger of your left hand. The interlock grip when the pinkie of your right hand is intertwined with the index finger of your left hand.

Next you'll need to know the basic golf stance. The perfect stance is when your weight is balanced in the center and slightly forward over the toes.

Here are a few tips:
Your feet should be shoulder width apart.
Your knees should be slightly bent but keep your back straight. 
Your golf club should rest flatly on the ground. 
Your weight should rest lightly on the balls of your feet. 
Your arms should be stretched, forming a V-like shape. 
The clubface should be square to the target. 
The club you'll be using also plays a part. For the short irons, your ball needs to be positioned in the middle of your feet. Using long irons and the five-wood will require you to put your ball just in front of the center of your feet. For long woods –. Including the driver, the ball is positioned just inside your front foot (the left heel).

The third and the most important golf technique is the swing. The golf swing is a three-step process involving the backswing, downswing. Follow-through. In the backswing, you take your golf club away from your ball. it's important that the clubface and the back of your left hand remain facing front throughout the backswing. Then you make the downswing, wherein you move your club towards the ball until you hit it towards your target. In the Downswing, the angle of your club shaft and left forearm should remain unchanged as your club and hands moves towards the toe line. You should be able to hit the ball just because it happens to be in the path of the club and not because you aim for the ball throughout the downswing. The last step in the golf swing is the follow-through. The follow-through comes after you hit the ball. This is done to finish your golf swing. The power of your swing will vary depending on the type of golf shot you need to take. Hitting from the tee-box requires more force than putting.

Putting requires less force since you don't need to strike your ball to fly for about a hundred yards. For putting, you follow a swing path similar to the pendulum of a grandfather clock. You move your club for only about 10 inches away from the ball as the backswing and then move it towards the ball for the downswing. Then Swing it for about 10 inches more for the follow-through.

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