Exercises for golf: Improving body strength

There are different types of exercises for golf that'll help you improve your health and your game. Training for golfing that people shouldn't overlook is weight training. Weight training can help you produce power on your drives that'll help you control your club for the perfect ball placement.

Weight training can also break down your swing from your feet to your hands. Here we present you with different weight training workouts and how it can help you enhance your golf swing.

First, there are weight-training exercises that focus on your legs. Exercises for golf that concentrates on your legs can help generate leg power for your drives. In doing this weight training you've to focus on primary leg muscles, which are your quadriceps and your hamstrings. Working out these muscles will help you increase distance to your drives.

Workouts for leg weight training are squats or you can also do leg presses. Squats can work your quadriceps and your hamstrings. This workout can also help your gluteal muscles. You can also have an option of doing leg extensions to focus on your quadriceps and leg curls for your hamstrings.

Second group of exercises for golf focuses on core strength. Developing core strength is important, as benefits from leg workouts are useless unless you transfer that power to your swing. Strengthening your lower back or erector spinae and your abdominals will help you achieve this. This is because your lower back and abdominals are tied to your lower and upper body thereby allowing you to take the power generated by your legs and move it efficiently to your swing.

When you've a stronger lower back and abdominals, you can power your swing more efficiently. Workouts that'll help you strengthen your lower back are back extensions. And, abdominal crunches and Russian twists or trunk twists will help strengthen your abdominals.

Then, you need to workout your upper body. Exercises for golf focusing on your upper body will help further increase power to your swing action. There is major muscle groups found in the upper body that you need to develop. These are the upper back, chest. Your shoulders. These muscles are important as they work together to push and pull your club through the contact zone, which further enhances the power generated from your legs. Workout for these group of muscles are one arm bent rows for your back, bench presses for your chest. lateral raises for your shoulders.

Lastly, you need to do weight training for your arms. Strong arms will help you control the club through the contact zone. Muscles in your upper and lower arms help contain and focus the power of your swing. They can insure that the clubface is in the right place at the right time for the perfect contact. In addition, club control is essential for drive distance. Exercises for golf that focuses on your arms are bicep curls and triceps extensions.

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