That stupid fish…

That Stupid Fish...

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That Stupid Fish...
That Stupid Fish...
That Stupid Fish...
That Stupid Fish...
That Stupid Fish...

That Stupid Fish...

That Stupid Fish...

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19 Responses to “That stupid fish…”

  1. FawziaFuadOfEgyptQueenOfIranFirstWifeOfMohammadRezaPahlavi Says:


  2. MagilaGorilla Says:

    If I was her I’d be more worried that my boyfriend’s hands had turned into monster claws.

  3. SirSleepALot Says:

    I like how his pants reflect the size of his manliness.

  4. batterrie Says:

    This humour reminds me of Archer. I like it.

  5. JayZitro Says:

    I assumed an obesity joke.

  6. MistaSmiles Says:

    mesa fries a jolo

  7. lorreiro Says:

    I always upvote art

  8. Ali822 Says:

    His penis is rectangular

  9. here2laugh Says:

    False kids got a good 60 years left thanks Obama

  10. IWishIwasDrunk Says:

    dont the americans do that too?

  11. TooManyRealLifePeopleKnewMyOldName Says:

    You know what’s bullshit here, the FDA doesnt ban shit like GMOs. Then everyone gets cancer

  12. Thistles Says:

    A lot of times it’s about the waste, not the consumption.

  13. SeriousCloud Says:

    I’m not saying they are dangerous but cross bredding plants and engineering a plant to make insect stomachs burst really isn’t the same.

  14. SeriousCloud Says:

    But in a much more real sense none of us are fish.

  15. zerocast Says:

    You know, for some reason, he bears quite a resemblance to the lumberjack dude from Broken Age.

  16. andyar Says:

    Fish don’t eat too much and die. You give them too much food and it rots in the tank.

  17. JBlack5040 Says:

    I love this

  18. BakedOn Says:

    I want to see both.

  19. acer0169 Says:

    Fish often don’t die if you feed them too much. Their swim bladder inflates and they float motionless upside down. I have 24 y/o fish.

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