This helps so much o.O

This Helps So Much O.O

This helps so much o.O

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This Helps So Much O.O
This Helps So Much O.O
This Helps So Much O.O
This Helps So Much O.O

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15 Responses to “This helps so much o.O”

  1. Hangmat Says:

    its brilliant, just admit its a fucking easy way to eat, thanks for astronomy though

  2. bg626 Says:

    I mean Chinese rice. Uncle Ben rice won’t do 😀

  3. retrohellix Says:

    I normally go by holding one like a pencil with my index finger and moving the other one with the middle one, it’s not the right way though.

  4. ieatbabiesforbreakfast Says:

    I learned to use chopsticks by my boyfriend taking me to sushi a lot. Thats the only silverware you get.

  5. DarkLordHavoc Says:

    Sums up chopsticks.

  6. Camu Says:

    Why did this caption make me wanna go look at pron? Why oh why!?

  7. PolarHailStorm Says:

    This reminded me of something I saw that was a test-tube in a vagina, then she got punched in the stomach to make it break.

  8. wearethemanimal Says:

    Is it me or are the chopsticks actually bending?

  9. CardBoardSnowman Says:

    something about asians finding stabbing your food barbaric or something

  10. Bullfrog174 Says:

  11. bann Says:

    how I feel about sports.

  12. shakes Says:

    That’s how my Uncle taught me how to finger chicks

  13. JuicyLemonadeMan Says:

    If you think that was good check this guy out (Just trying to spread his talent :3

  14. Wuz314159 Says:

    Is “The Guy” you?

  15. LilyRosemaryAndTheJackOfHearts Says:

    This makes no sense to me, but those paws are adorable.

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