Clever Little Pig Snatches A Sandwich From Her Owner

Did you know that pigs are some of the smartest animals out there? No really. Theyare rated one of themost intelligentdomesticated animals out there. Even so, pigs aren't known for their brains. Rather their appetites. This clever pot-bellied pig, however, demonstrates both her brains andher love of food with one quick food heist.

When 8-month-old Prissy jumped on the bed to say hello to her human father, she saw an opportunity in the form of a sandwich. Prissy couldnt resist. Wasted no time in taking the sandwich out of his hand. Before he could get it back, she scooted off the bed. A chase ensued. The clever Prissy hid in her little tent until her sandwich was finished.

Though pigs have a reputation for their ravenous appetites, they arent the only household pets that steal food. This hungry puppy was caught on hidden camera stealing chicken tenders right out of a hot toaster oven and rearranging the kitchen furniture to do so! This Persian kitty has a taste for ice cream sandwiches, although her attempt to steal one ended with a hilarious fail.

[H/T:Prissy and Bomber]


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