GlenArbor Golf Course in Bedford Hills, New York

GlenArbor Golf Course In Bedford Hills, New York

Last Thursday, GlenArbor Golf Course in Bedford Hills, New York opened up its spacious confines and innovative environmental programs to 60 students from West Patent Elementary School. Putting aside the good feelings that any field trip engenders in kids and the less than frequent opportunity for golf course staff to play host to that kind of excitement, course superintendent Ken Benoit encapsulated the intent of their ongoing environmental outreach in terms we can all understand.

“We’re all in this together and there is no us and them,” he said when it comes to preserving the environment. In terms of the course’s long running bluebird program, the first graders may or may not have grasped the idea as a slide projection presentation documented the birds and the bluebird boxes that enable the hatchlings to safely flourish from natural predators. But once they got real glimpses of the actual bluebirds and their boxes, eyes on sufficed pretty well for hands on.

Not letting the bird’s unmistakable beauty get passed them as they bumped it out on a hay ride, Mr. Benoit made sure to connect all the dots between the birds, the kids and the ordinary sights we take for granted. “Why are trees important,” he asked among the hay and the serene setting that GlenArbor naturally presents.

With a robin clearly visible on a nearby branch, one of the first graders couldn’t go wrong with the obvious. “To give birds a home,” he said. Others followed with a knowledge that seemed ahead of their years. Taking carbon dioxide out of the air and making oxygen for us to breathe was the consensus for the learned group.

Mr. Benoit added that the roots of a tree act as an underground water filter, and probably without any insights into a word like symbiosis, the first graders certainly had the concept down from their spots at the top of the food chain. “We don’t cut them down,” they said when prompted as to what we should do for trees.

Skipping the vocabulary lessons, Mr. Benoit provided overview it in an equally effective way. “We take care of them, they take care of us,” he said, and the same goes for the grass that provides both a soft cushion for our feet and water and air filters like the trees above, he added.

Off a fairway that doesn’t get a lot of golf ball traffic, the hay ride stopped at a bed of wildflowers planted by the course. Working nicely with GlenArbor’s Beekeeping program, the kids knew that flowers supply the nectar and pollen needed by the bees to make honey.

Brainstorming further on the role wildflowers have besides looking pretty, the hay riders came up with the idea that the wild growth provides a place for birds to hide. Snakes, chipmunks and assorted other critters do the same, he added, while Mr. Benoit made it clear that each has an impact on us and the world as a whole. “All the animals are good for us in some way,” said Mr. Benoit.

That’s big or small and it works the same in our world – way above the insects and pollen petals. More engrained in the mind set of today’s children, he said, They are teaching us, and we need to become students of their environmental stewardship. “For too long, we’ve made nature adapt to us and now we need to start adapting to it,” he concluded.

Rich Monetti coverage of event at GlenArbor Golf Course with Ken Benoit

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GlenArbor Golf Course In Bedford Hills, New York
GlenArbor Golf Course In Bedford Hills, New York
GlenArbor Golf Course In Bedford Hills, New York

GlenArbor Golf Course In Bedford Hills, New York

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