Recession Proof Activities and Businesses

Since the 1920’s few business sectors can claim to be recession proof but it’s clear that in the new millennium many business have proven to be able to weather a recession if not be recession proof. Hollywood has always been one of these businesses. In the 70’s when gas was through the roof and we were in a recession Hollywood actually saw an increase in movie revenue. The price was always right for a family struggling to pay the bills and ninety-minute movie always served as a mental break from the daily grind that weighed so heavily on people’s minds. Although the price of a movie has risen a lot since the 70’s (along with gas prices) it’s clear to see that Hollywood is still proving to be protected from the recessionary woes that many people find themselves in.

When people find it hard to get from paycheck to paycheck they look for avenues to relax. Many men and women alike find that taking up sports like flag football, softball and golf offer relief from their daily stress with minimal investment. Swinging those golf clubs help to melt away those work related frustrations that keep their stomachs in knots all week long.

As technology advances we are finding new recession proof industries. Another recession resistant business has been the world of wireless communication. Although the same can’t be said for landline services, the wireless mobile phone industry has been booming and even hiring new employees when most every other company has been completing mass layoffs. When it comes to communication people need to be on the go more now then ever. As many people look to take on a second job or have a new family member out in the work force the wireless industry has backed into a recession proof parking spot that seems to be quite secure; at least this time around.

With cities like Las Vegas feeling the pinch of the economy many smaller vacation spots are actually seeing an increase in revenue. People are choosing to forgo the larger vacations like Disney World in favor of smaller destinations closer to home. For some this is a necessary adjustment to their usual plans but the end result is a smaller stream of revenue that has been given to those businesses that would otherwise be overlooked for the larger more popular destinations.

As with all recessions we will overcome and move to more prosperous times again but there is a lot to be learned from times like these. Look to those companies who can survive the worst of times and look to the bonding that happens when a recession occurs. Most of the items discussed above spur social interaction, which is the key to happiness. So this goes to show that money isn’t the root of happiness.

Kimberly Green takes recreation very seriously when it comes to mental health! The sport of choice is golf, swinging some golf clubs around is a great stress reliever!

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