What Do Pro Golfers Owe Us?

I'm very tired of the whole Tiger Woods marriage mess and the constant media attention that it's getting.  I can’t navigate on the web or turn on the TV or radio without hearing about it.

I'm not going to write about Tiger, not his mess or the potential impact on his golf career.  But what I'd like to spend a few minutes talking about is the following:  I heard some reporter or commentator talking about how “Tiger owes us an explanation”.  Let me go on the record now: Tiger Woods, in fact any professional golfer. Even any professional athlete, owes the public or the media absolutely nothing in terms of explanation about their private life.  If it wasn’t criminal, you may be very interested in it. professional golfers and athletes don’t have to explain their “transgressions” to any of us.

I'm not approving or advocating what Tiger did or the so called “bad boy” behavior of any athletes or celebrities.  I've my own opinion about those things.  But I'm very tired of our society being so invasive to the point of having a mentality of “entitlement” when it comes to what our professional golf heroes “owe” us as fans.   

They don’t owe us anything in terms of explanation.  Granted, they'll endure the limelight exposure, the paparazzi swarm, every move studied under a microscope.  That comes with the territory.  And they may be held accountable by sponsors, teammates (if that applies), spouses, managers, caddies, etc when they mess up.  All of that's a part of the life that they chose because of their gifts and abilities.  And while I don’t agree with how media is so intrusive,  I've to say that these pros (golfers in this particular situation) knew what they were getting into.

And if fans and the media want to judge them, even in print, when they've done things that are wrong or perceived as wrong by society or by individuals, go right ahead.  But don’t use the word “owe us” when you're talking about bad moral choices or relationship problems.  that's flat out none of our business.  

Now if Tiger Woods or John Daly as another example, want to come out and explain, that’s fine.  If they perceive that they must give details to try and correct their image, save endorsement contracts, just do what they consider “the right thing” that’s ok. it's their choice, not their obligation.

I know I may sound like I'm on a bit of a soapbox here. I apologize if I'm.  But I don’t apologize for the message.  I believe that it's time for us to back off our mindset.  The media needs to have a reality check.  And those of us that love the game of golf. Example, need to focus on that and let the rest of this junk go.

Now I've talked to many golfers and non golfers who feel the same way that I do.  So I don’t think that it's the majority of us who think this way.  But it seems like the media and the “noisy” few feel that they've to speak for all of us.  Stop it and let’s move on.

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