Golf Practice Is More Meaningful Than You Think

Golf Practice Is More Meaningful Than You Think

How many times have you been at a driving range and witnessed stall after stall filled with tired looking golfers endlessly beating balls. Most have selected the large bucket and think only of launching all those little pellets with the big stick.


When you finally get to the range, your mind is no doubt full of energy and excitement as you prepare to apply your new thoughts. That's good. But, remember that it's quality golf practice, not quantity, which counts. Get the small bucket and take your time. Rest between shots. Resolve in your mind to think about what you're working on before each shot. Apply one swing thought before each practice shot. Too many thoughts will result in “paralysis of analysis”. After each shot with golf clubs for sale, reflect on not only the result. How the swing felt. What did you do wrong? What did you do right?


Instead of running to hit that next large bucket, take those golf tips you learned and apply them in front of a full-length mirror. This is especially effective if you're working on your stance or setup. You can easily compare your body position with those of the pros in the magazines. Take your backswing in slow motion, stopping at various points to again compare your position with the pro. This exercise will help you picture and feel a good golf swing with your golf clubs for sale.


Remember to keep focused on improving your weaknesses. It makes little sense to spend 75% of your golf practice time working on your strong points. Don’t get impatient. Realize that improvement takes time! Nobody goes from a twenty-handicap down to a single-digit overnight. However, if you apply these tips, you’ll be building your knowledge of the game as you practice. This can only help improve your game in the long run.


You can triple the effectiveness of your golf practice if you bring a friend with you. Buy one large bucket and share a stall. Take turns hitting a few shots each. Tell your friend what you're working on and ask him to describe how it looks. Watch one another from the side and behind to get different angles. Ask your partner to focus on different elements of the swing: the grip, setup, plane, top of back swing, lower body position, shoulder turn, etc.

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Golf Practice Is More Meaningful Than You Think
Golf Practice Is More Meaningful Than You Think
Golf Practice Is More Meaningful Than You Think
Golf Practice Is More Meaningful Than You Think

Golf Practice Is More Meaningful Than You Think

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