Ben Hogan Swing Secret – Discover The Real Story

The world of golf must be totally shocked when they heard about the Ben Hogan swing secret lie. He's held in such high esteem. He holds an esteemed record that everyone in golf holds in awe.

As a Golf Pro Ben Hogan is second to none with his one plane golf swing being used by the likes of Vijay Singh and Tiger Woods. Ben Hogan is a 9 time winner, of the most prestigious Major Golf Tournaments in the world.

When asked how he stopped the worst slice that anyone had for years in the game. Ben Hogan finally admitted in one of his last interviews before he passed away. That he told people exactly what they wanted to hear. He attributed the cure for his golf slice to the cupping of his left hand at the top of his swing.

In truth Ben Hogan lied. To remedy his infamous slice and to come back and win every major tournament on the golfing Calendar. What he did was. He stopped agonizing over the mechanics of his golf swing. He just believed in himself and stopped stressing and over analyzing every aspect of his golf swing.

He further admitted that this took so much pressure off him and he developed the most natural golf swing in the game of golf. His consistency in his golf swing is legendary and he went on to be arguably the best exponent of the one plane golf swing.

The Ben Hogan swing secret. Refers to his left arm at the top of his golf swing which is on the same plane as his shoulder. Hence the name one plane golf swing. He also hit the ball around his body rather than straight up. He likened it to a baseball drive. When he made his drives, Ben Hogan kept the driver or his heavier irons further away from his body.

The lower the club number the closer to his body he held it. e.g 2 irons and sand wedges his hands were nearly touching his thighs. He also played much heavier clubs than normal.

His stance was also more open to the target as opposed to being square. This was evident. As you were looking down the line at Ben Hogan driving down the fairway looking at the target.

You were able to see the back of Ben Hogans’. Left pants leg. This was his front leg. This meant he was standing more open to the target with his left toes pointed more to the left.

He also had an extra spike fitted to his custom golf shoes. This was under the ball of his right foot, to cater for his fast rotation and added stress and power on his right foot.

If you aspire to play like many modern day professionals and you need to adopt the one plane golf swing. The Ben Hogan Swing Secret is out of the bag. The golf bag that's.

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