Golf Swing Advice For Playing Your Best Golf

Golf Swing Advice For Playing Your Best Golf

Playing your best golf is very fulfilling and here is some golf swing advice on how to do it.  First of all, you must learn to master the fundamentals.  This includes having a proper grip, setup, and stance.  Good alignment will help you hit your shots straighter and allow you to swing the club on the correct path more naturally and more easily.

Once you’ve gotten your golf swing setup fundamentals down, it’s time to learn some important keys to a proper golf swing.  Make sure your golf swing has smooth tempo.  Do not try to rush your swing and try to swing the same tempo on every shot.

Having a golf swing that is on plane will allow you to hit more consistent, straighter golf shots.  To get the club on plane in your backswing, try to feel like you are swinging the club directly over your right shoulder.  On the follow through, you should simply mirror the backswing and swing the golf club over your left shoulder to finish your swing.  When golfers swing the club too steeply or too much around their bodies it becomes difficult to get the club into the proper impact position for any kind of consistency.

A proper turn and weight shift are essential components of a good swing as well.  Make sure you turn and shift so you feel your weight go to the inside part of your back foot.  If your weight rolls towards the outside of your foot you have moved too much laterally and are probably trying to force your turn incorrectly.  A proper shoulder to hip turn ratio is 2 to 1.  This means the shoulders should turn twice as far as the hips do in the golf backswing.  Generally, a good golfer will be able to turn their shoulders a full 90 degrees.  The hips will then have turned half that distance or 45 degrees.

Good swing sequence can help any golfer significantly improve their direction with their golf shots and hit the ball much straighter.  Because the shoulders turn twice as far as the hips do in the golf swing, the shoulders must start their turn first.  Ideally, the golf club is swung back in the takeaway, then the shoulders start to turn and about halfway back into the backswing the hips turn.  You always want the golf club to lead in the golf swing.  Your club swings and your body responds or follows the club.  Turning the body before swinging the club up in the backswing leads to being out of sync and a loss of power and consistency.

Once you’ve mastered your golf fundamentals including the setup, swing plane, and swing sequence, you’ll be well on your way to playing great golf and shooting low scores on a regular basis.
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Golf Swing Advice For Playing Your Best Golf
Golf Swing Advice For Playing Your Best Golf
Golf Swing Advice For Playing Your Best Golf
Golf Swing Advice For Playing Your Best Golf

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