How Do We Go About Keeping The Swing

How Do We Go About Keeping The Swing

How do we go about keeping the swing on the correct plane and developing “feel?”.

I know of two possibilities. One of the answers is probably quite obvious.

The first answer to this question has to do with your golf swing mechanics. Yes, probably not a surprise to many of you.

The golf swing is an intricate, biomechanical movement requiring you to perform a large number of movements with the correct timing and no room for error.

Understanding the correct biomechanical sequence of the golf swing and the ability to execute it take great instruction, a good amount of practice, patience and time.

The body can learn either the correct or incorrect way to swing golf clubs for sale. As a result, it's imperative to receive quality instruction on the proper way to swing a club.

Secondly, the mind and body learn new movements through repetition. The only way to learn the correct golf swing is through consistent practice. Practice ingrains into your brain, nerves. Muscles how to properly execute the movements of the golf swing, the correct sequence of the golf swing. The correct timing of the golf swing.

Finally, to learn the golf swing correctly it takes time. it's not an overnight process but requires consistent time spent practising and playing. Don’t let anyone fool you that there is a quick-fix patch that'll drop your handicap 25 strokes while you’re sleeping.

Over a certain time period the body will learn the swing. It’s different for each of us. Once the body learns the swing, the “feel”. Begins to develop. Once you get that feel, you'll begin know exactly where your clubhead is at all times during the golf swing.

I can’t feel a thing!

Most of us understand that the golf swing is a rotational movement and requires learning the proper biomechanics of the golf swing. However, the second part of the answer of developing “feel”. May be less understood.

Now think about this for a second. What if your body isn't able to rotate around a fixed spine angle? If you can’t rotate, it'll be very. I mean very, hard to keep your golf clubs for sale in a slot.

I see it all the time with amateurs. They want to develop a good swing desperately. Are unable to do so because of a weak, inflexible. Powerless body.

If you're inflexible in the hips, how are you going to rotate in a manner that places the club in the correct slot for the downswing? It’s not going to happen!

If you've poor balance, how are you going to develop “feel”. In the golf swing? You’re not!

It comes down to this notion about the golf swing.

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How Do We Go About Keeping The Swing
How Do We Go About Keeping The Swing
How Do We Go About Keeping The Swing

How Do We Go About Keeping The Swing

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