Becham—An Example for Tiger to Follow?

When been asked if Tiger Woods’ image was now damaged for good, “ It will take time to repair, but I think it’s doable. Time is a great healer,” said Andrew “Chubby” Chandler, head of the International Management Group whose players include Ernie Els, Lee Westwood, Darren Clarke and Ashes hero Andrew Flintoff.
“Beckham is the only one I can liken Woods to. He went through pretty much the same thing and it passed in about nine months.
“Now he’s a super-hero again who might single-handedly bring the World Cup to England.”
It was in 2004 that allegations about the soccer star’s private life became headline news, but although publicist Max Clifford thought at the time that the Beckhams “couldn’t have handled it worse from a public-relations point of view”, the couple rode out the storm.


 “The circumstances with Tiger might be different, but I think he’ll get his life back on track.
“I don’t think Tiger will ever be able to be as private as he was, though. He’s got to be more accessible from now on and so become a little bit more real.”
“But once Tiger clears all this up it will probably be forgotten.
“What it’s done to Tiger is very difficult to say. It’s just a sad thing to have happened really.
“I think he’ll sort out his private life and take it on from there, but as with anyone things aren’t the same again after incidents at home.
“I don’t think he’s an exception to anyone else as far as that’s concerned. It’s a difficult time and it remains to be seen how it turns out.
“Eventually I know he will come bounding back, but in the meantime it’s a miserable, grim time.”
There has been speculation about how Woods’ endorsement contracts might suffer.
Pepsico have confirmed it is dropping its Gatorade Tiger Focus drink, but insisted the decision was made two days before the golfer’s car crash outside his Florida home.
At the time of his unwanted publicity Beckham had deals with Police sunglasses, Vodafone, Pepsi, Adidas, Marks and Spencer, Brylcreem, Castrol oil and Gillette, but a management spokesman said: “City analysts calculated the value of the brand has increased by 4% since this all started.”
Gillette even commented: “We were more concerned about what we’d do if he grew a beard.”
Rick Horrow, chief executive of Horrow Sports Ventures, whose clients have included the PGA and LPGA Tours, the National Football League, Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer, believes Woods’ sponsors have too much invested in his success to walk away from the American sporting icon.
Horrow said: “Nike has 800 million annual reasons to stay with Tiger Woods – that’s the annual revenue that Tiger has generated for Nike Golf – and other sponsors are similarly situated.
“So, while this story may get worse before it gets better, don’t look for sponsors to pull out any time soon.”
The world number one, a father of two, has not been seen in public since the crash and since a long line of women have claimed or been accused of having relationships with him.
He issued a statement saying that injuries suffered in the incident prevented him hosting and playing in the Chevron World Challenge in California last week and the date for his return to action is obviously being keenly awaited.

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