How To Choose The Right Golf Tournament Format

How To Choose The Right Golf Tournament Format

There are many popular ways to hold a golf tournament. If you're having a hard time figuring out which format to hold your golf tournament then you might consider a few things. Some of the formats are for fun and laid back while others are formal and serious for the true competitors.

The Scramble is the most common format when you're holding a golf tournament with teams. This allows your tournament to have 2, 3. 4 person teams. This type of play allows the team members to choose the one best shot from each stroke. After the best stroke is chosen, all of the players will then hit the ball from the best stroke shot. There are many types of Scramble people like to play including Texas Scramble, Florida Scramble. Ambrose.

If you're holding a golf tournament and you choose the Best Ball format then all people will play their own ball at every hole. This is a team play also but everyone hits their own ball. After each hole is completed then the lowest score of the teams will serve as the team score. Best Ball is also known as Four Ball. There are variations that include 1-2-3 Best Ball also. This is a favored way to play in a golf tournament because people like to hit their own balls.

Alternate shot is a format for a golf tournament allowing for two person teams. This is also sometimes called a Foursome game. What happens with an alternate shot is that two players on a team will alternate hitting the shots from the tee. One ball will be used between the two team members. One player will hit the ball off the tee and the two will take turns until the ball is in the hold. The alternating will occur between shots and off of the tees. This may result in the same person having the final shot in the hole and the next shot off of the tee if they don’t tee off on that particular hole. Some games that are also alternate shots games include odds and evens and Scotch Foursomes.

The Modified Stableford is played by teams or individuals. In a Modified Stableford the highest score is what wins. The score on each hole is worth a certain amount of points as you par. The more points you've then the higher you're in your rank. A good example of a well known golf tournament that's a Modified Stableford format is the PGA Tour.

Another format of a golf game in a golf tournament may be the Chapman. This is also known as the Pinehurst. This format of a tournament has team play with two people on each team. Chapman actually combines several formats into one. In an event like this the teammates will switch balls after each of their shots at the tee. They'll select the one best ball after their second shot and then play the alternate ball until they make the hole.

A Bingo Bango Bongo is one of the most popular formats for a golf tournament. This is the most common game for golf association tournaments and league tournaments. This format rewards players for three specific things on each hole. The team to have the first player on the green, the first team to have the all players on the green or closest to the green all at once. The first player to put the golf ball in the hole.

Flags is another format for playing in a golf tournament. This is a common way to play also. This format of golf makes all golfers to begin their round with a set number of strokes. The strokes will be related to their handicaps. Each player will play until their strokes run out. The player who can make it the furthest with their amount of strokes wins the game.

The Lone Ranger format of a golf tournament is another team play. This game is also known as Money Ball, yellow Ball and Pink Ball. This game puts the ownership of a hole on one player on the team to make the hole. Each team has four players. Players will rotate at each hole as the long ranger. The score of each player on the team is added up and the team with the lowest score wins the round of golf.

There are many formats of golf. If you're holding a golf tournament at a specific golf course you might consider asking around to find out what the people favor the most. Scramble is the most common game to play at a tournament for golf.

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How To Choose The Right Golf Tournament Format
How To Choose The Right Golf Tournament Format
How To Choose The Right Golf Tournament Format
How To Choose The Right Golf Tournament Format

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