Callaway FT Irons

Callaway FT Irons

The new Callaway FT Irons are the evolution of Fusion Technology, delivering the utmost in performance and playability in Callaway Golf irons for mid to low handicap players who demand the latest innovation with proven results.

New Head Shape
Designed to appeal to accomplished players, a thinner topline, higher toe and slightly less offset produce a more traditional look. Extreme Notch Weighting has been added to increase stability.

Tunite Cradle
The high density, proprietary alloy allows Callaway Golf engineers to move an astounding 80 percent of the clubhead’s total weight to the extreme perimeter, creating a higher moment of inertia (MOI) for outstanding forgiveness.

Lightweight Hot Titanium Face
Produces fast ball speeds and allows more weight to be moved to the perimeter for better forgiveness and an increased effective hitting area.

TPU SenSert
A cavity-back insert composed of a chemically engineered thermoplastic urethane that decreases vibration, creating an incredibly solid feel.

Modified Tru-Bore Design
An advanced version of the original Tru-Bore Design, the polycarbonate tip plug at the end of the shaft dampens vibration for enhanced feel and performance.

All in all, the Callaway FT Irons take the Callaway Golf fusion technology and run with it. Designed for mid to low handicap players the irons have a new head shape with a thinner topline, higher toe and slightly less offset. Eighty percent of the clubhead’s total weight is on the extreme perimeter of the club which creates a larger moment of inertia. The cavity-back insert is made out of a chemically engineered thermoplastic urethane, designed to decrease vibration and increase the effectiveness of the clubs. The Callaway FT Irons use a more advanced version of the Callaway True-Bore design which is the polycarbonate tip plug that's at the end of the shaft to dampen vibration even more.

Callaway FT Irons $448.99 with free shipping at

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Callaway FT Irons

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