Some common questions about golf cart batteries

Some Common Questions About Golf Cart Batteries

A.      Are golf cart batteries with no power normal?

Q. The golf cart batteries also called storage batteries will discharge when stored for a long time. You golf cart is not in use for one month, so it is normal that the cart is not able to get started. But in general, stored in half a month, golf carts can still start normally. Advice you to go to the 4S shop to charge your golf cart batteries, then it will work normally. If you don’t use your golf cart frequently, you’d better switch off the connection between the positive and negative of storage batteries.

A: How to maintain golf cart batteries?

Q: It is much easier to maintain electric golf cart than gas power cart. First, examine the outside appearance of the batteries. Next, check whether all vent caps are tight. Then fill distilled water after fully charging the golf cart batteries unless maintenance-free batteries.

A: What do I need when maintaining golf cart batteries?

Q: There are some basic tools that you need to own when maintaining your golf cart batteries. Have a bucket of water and a box of baking soda handy to neutralize any acid spills, which may occur. This will help to prevent corrosive damage. You will also need a wrench, voltmeter (an instrument used to measure voltage), hydrometer to measure the gravity of the electrolyte solution, post cleaner, clean cloths, a small brush and a jar of petroleum jelly.

A: What should I notice when handling batteries?

Q: Because the batteries uses sulfuric lead electrolyte, the electrolyte may hurt you without doing some precautions. Wear protective clothing such as goggles and acid proof gloves whenever you service a battery. Since there might be acid leak when cleaning, avoid skin contact. Never smoke anywhere near a battery, and don’t try adding acid to the battery.

Only add distilled water after fully charging the battery, but before you charge, make sure that there is enough water to cover the leaded plates. You should check the water levels in each cell of the battery every week, or at least once a month. When needed, add just enough water so that the plates are submerged in liquid. Use only distilled water, as water with a high mineral content can cause mineral deposits to form on the battery.

A: The remote distance of used golf cart remote control is too short, only ten meters.

Q: If you find that the remote distance of your remote control is too short, your remote control battery maybe has low power or no power. Because the remote control with enough power can control the golf cart over 20 meters. Replace the battery generally once every year.

A: What is the principle of golf cart batteries?

Q: In fact, golf cart batteries are one of storage batteries, which is designed to store electric energy. They are widely used in golf carts, electric utility vehicles, electric scooters, and so on. The batteries uses sulfuric acid electrolyte. They changed from lead dioxide when charged, to lead sulfate when discharged. The type of batteries voltage is 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 12V and so on. Add distilled water to the storage batteries when using for a few times, so as to maintain 22%-28% sulfuric acid electrolyte.



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Some Common Questions About Golf Cart Batteries
Some Common Questions About Golf Cart Batteries
Some Common Questions About Golf Cart Batteries
Some Common Questions About Golf Cart Batteries

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