Golf – Tips to Cure the Shank Shot

Shank shot is a name used when the golf ball is hot with the housel of the golf club. The housel is a round part that comes between the shaft and the face of the club. Curing the shank shot is important in the golf game. The common reasons of shank shot is that the weight is transferred to the toes from the heels and you stand close to the ball. It is also taken when there is a flaw in the natural swing aim, your arm movement is away from the body or your shoulder turn is incomplete.

The cure for a shank shot is that you should find a solid and reliable swing. A swing shot can be easily learned and repeated to make your game better. You should also avoid or improve your common mistakes because it will also help you to improve your shots and avoid taking shank shots. Try to keep your balance perfect and on the perfect spot as needed by the shot. Your distance from the ball should be reasonable but not too far from the ball so that you can make a proper and effective swing.

If you want to identify your mistakes, you can video tape yourself taking the shot and study it. This way you can pin point the problem and take steps to correct them. You can also compare your shots to a professional and adjust yourself to the professional golfer.

The best thing to do about a shank shot is to pick a right approach and practice it as often as possible. This is the best thing you can do to get rid of your shank shot and it is guaranteed to work.

Follow the above mentioned tips and you will be able to get rid of your shank shot. These tips are guaranteed to work on any one who gives reasonable time and consideration to make their game better.

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