Olympic Gold Medalist Ed Moses to Compete On 2006 Tour

Olympic Gold Medalist Ed Moses To Compete On 2006 Tour

Hertford, NC (PRWEB) March 2, 2006


Greens Worldwide Incorporated (GRWW OTCBB) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, US Pro Golf Tour, Inc. has received an application from Ed Moses, a Gold and Silver Medalist at the 2000 Olympics and has been granted a full exemption for the 2006 Tour. Ed will play as a Pro-Championship player in 2006 tour events. Ed won Gold in the 400m Medley Relay and Silver in the 100m breast at the 2000 Olympics, helping the US to a world record. He's the former world record holder in the 100m breaststroke. In 2002, Ed broke three short course world records over two days, the first American to do so. He owns 11 US National titles and had 13 world records in five years. Ed was the first man to break one minute in the breaststroke relay split as part of the world record-breaking 400m medley relay at the 2000 Olympics. Ed has always had the dream of pursuing a career as a professional golfer. The Tour welcomes Ed as a competitor on the 2006 Tour.

The Tour has granted 160 professionals full tour card exempt status for the 2006 Tour.

“I decided to play the US Pro Golf Tour to help launch my career with the large tours, using the US Pro Golf Tour as a trampoline while I work towards achieving my goals. The large purses and big lights are a good parallel as I work towards the big Tours,” said Ed Moses.

“we're privileged to have an athlete with the credentials Ed Moses brings to the US Pro Golf Tour joining us as a Celebrity. Having played golf in high school and choosing to play golf again since his retirement from competitive swimming in April 2005. The first time since a successful high school golfing career, we're fortunate to have Ed compete on the US Pro Golf Tour as his springboard to hopefully achieve his aspirations of playing at a higher level on the big tours,” said Robert A. Marshburn, Senior Vice President of the US Pro Golf Tour.

About Greens Worldwide Incorporated

Greens Worldwide Incorporated is a vertically integrated sports marketing company engaged in golf events and companies involved in managing those events. In our continuing effort to develop a more cohesive and synergistic organisation, we're structured in a way that allows all of our entities to utilise each other’s resources to the greatest extent possible. In addition, the Company’s strategic plan is to be able to deliver substantial value by providing multiple sports platforms and media to leverage our partners advertising and promotional dollars, while delivering the finest entertainment opportunities to retain and build customers. For our non-sports businesses, we'll utilise the media and promotional benefits of our media platforms in Television, Radio. Print, together with Internet Television and other like strategic relationships, to grow our consolidated revenues. The Company intends to acquire profitable sports organisations and sports related firms, together with other businesses that'd benefit from the synergy the Company provides.

About The U.S. Pro Golf Tour

The U.S. Pro Golf Tour is the country's premier intermediary professional golf tour. Our tour-caliber events feature former PGA golfers, players preparing for the Champions Tour, non-exempt professionals on the Champions Tour, celebrity challengers and professionals 18 and older gearing-up for the PGA Tour. The U.S. Pro Golf Tour conducts a Pro-Net competition for players with handicaps of all skill levels, 18 years and older, competing for substantial prise money in a tour-event atmosphere. All tournaments are week-long events. Feature junior clinics, pro am events, media coverage, entertainment, electronic leader boards and hospitality, with local market charities benefiting from the events. The U.S. Pro Golf Tour is televised on The Golf Channel, featured in the program “54 Holes to Sunday”. For more information on the US Pro Golf Tour, phone 252.264.2064. Visit our website, http://www.usprogolftour.com.

For more information,

Contact the Tour Office at 252.264.2064 Your Turn: Do you've any advice you'd like to share? What tips would you like to add? Please comment below.

Olympic Gold Medalist Ed Moses To Compete On 2006 Tour
Olympic Gold Medalist Ed Moses To Compete On 2006 Tour
Olympic Gold Medalist Ed Moses To Compete On 2006 Tour
Olympic Gold Medalist Ed Moses To Compete On 2006 Tour
Olympic Gold Medalist Ed Moses To Compete On 2006 Tour

Olympic Gold Medalist Ed Moses To Compete On 2006 Tour

Olympic Gold Medalist Ed Moses To Compete On 2006 Tour

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