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    ´╗┐Getting Your Own Masters Golf Tournament Tickets


    This year, the Masters Golf Tournament will be contested, April 2-8, 2007. Getting your hands on Masters Golf Tournament tickets will be just like any other year. It has always been as much a challenge to get Masters Golf Tournament tickets as it is playing in and winning the competition.

    Procuring tickets for this popular event can be a difficult process. The Masters is known for its long and often times, closed waiting lists. The Augusta National Golf Club first opened a waiting list in 1972 after closing the Masters Golf Tournament tickets for tournament days to the general public. The waiting list for tournament days became so long that the list had to be closed in 1978. It was reopened in 2000, only to be closed again shortly thereafter. To get Practice Rounds tickets directly from the Augusta National Golf club, the general public must apply to purchase tickets in advance.

    The Masters Practice Round tickets are allocated on a random selection basis. Practice Rounds ticket applications for the 2008 Masters tournament will be mailed in June to those people who applied or requested Practice Round ticket information in 2006 and/or 2007. The deadline to apply for the 2008 Masters Golf Tournament is July 15, 2007.Successful applicants are notified in September and any applicants who are unsuccessful will not be notified at all. Currently, it is virtually impossible to secure a Tournament badge or get tickets for the actual Tournament days directly from the Augusta National Golf Club.

    Masters Golf Tournament Practice Round tickets are more readily available from Ticket Brokers. Many ticket companies and online resellers make Masters Golf Tournament tickets available to the general public. You can find ticket brokers by performing a simple web search. A list of reputable online ticket brokers include: TickCo,, TicketCity, TicketNow and many more. Usually these tickets are in high demand with a very low supply. So you can expect to pay higher prices. Be sure to account for service fees that are attached to the original price of the ticket.

    The goal is to shop around and shop early. If you wait until the Tournament days, chances are you will have to try getting Masters Golf Tournament tickets from a scalper. Scalping tickets is allowed so long as the transactions occur at least 1500 feet away from the event site.

    If you are determined to attend the Masters whether it is for Practice Rounds or the actual Tournament days, keep in mind that getting tickets will be challenging. Be persistent and do plenty of research. In the end, it will all be worth the effort.